UnityPoint Health Compliance Program

UnityPoint Health Corporate Compliance Program, formally adopted in 1997, is intended to help achieve excellence in the workplace and to help assure compliance with laws, regulations and standards governing the delivery of quality health care. The Program is structured to encourage collaborative participation at all levels of UnityPoint Health.

The Board has delegated Compliance Program oversight responsibilities to the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board. A Corporate Compliance Officer was appointed by the Board to oversee the development and implementation of the Program, including policies, procedures and guidelines designed to assist UnityPoint Health and its employees and business partners in achieving compliance. Each UnityPoint Health Affiliate also appointed an Affiliate Compliance Officer to oversee that Affiliate's Compliance Program.

Since 1997, the Compliance Committee has been the primary Compliance Program policy development body. The committee is made up of employees with compliance responsibilities from UnityPoint Health and each Affiliate. The committee has developed over 150 compliance policies which apply throughout UnityPoint Health. These policies are available on the Intranet and each Affiliate organization has agreed to comply with the Compliance Policies.

UnityPoint Health Compliance Program provides high quality compliance and ethics training to its employees as a values driven program, and it focuses on the detection and prevention of violations of federal, state and local laws. It fosters an environment in which employees, Affiliates and business partners are encouraged to report concerns about business practices and/or possible violations of law or policy. The Program conforms to the standards set forth in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations and in compliance guidance from the Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General.

The major components of the UnityPoint Health Compliance Program include:

Compliance Policies And Procedures

As part of the UnityPoint Health Corporate Compliance Program, over 150 Compliance Policies have been developed to:

  1. Enhance the Boards of Directors' and management's ability to provide guidance and direction to UnityPoint Health personnel;
  2. Ensure compliance with state and federal laws and rules and regulations; and
  3. Better enable UnityPoint Health and its Affiliates to fulfill their missions.

The Policies are intended to govern activities, decision-making and processes described in each policy and apply to UnityPoint Health, its Affiliates and entities controlled by UnityPoint Health, members of those entities' Boards of Directors, and employees of those entities. All policies are available on UnityPoint Health Intranet sites and/or can be requested from the entity's Compliance Officer.

Code of Conduct

This booklet summarizes the standards outlined in the Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct provides standards of conduct and sets expectations for workplace behaviors. It also protects and promotes organization-wide integrity and enhances our ability to achieve our mission and vision.