Trauma Education

Despite an increased awareness, there's still much to share

Did you know that trauma is the No. 1 cause of death for ages 1-44? Or that trauma costs $671 billion a year in health care and lost productivity (far more than heart disease, diabetes and cancer)?*

Despite an increased awareness of trauma, there's still much to share with our community. It's our hope that raising awareness about the potential risks for concussions, falls and more will help curtail incidents in the future. If you believe you're suffering from untreated trauma, please contact CMH at (563) 578-3275.

If it's an emergency, get to our ER immediately.

– Ann Reid, PA-C

  • Child safety
  • Health education
  • Swimming and drowning concerns
  • Youth sports
  • Summer safety 
  • Summer sports safety
  • ATVs safety 
  • *Statistics from the National Trauma Institute