Financial Assistance

Community Memorial Hospital offers financial assistance to many people who have healthcare needs and are not able to pay for care. CMH does not want a person's ability to pay their bill to stop them from getting care.

It is the responsibility of the patient receiving care to make every effort to pay for the care received either through personal health insurance or as a private pay patient. It is also the duty of CMH to seek payment from patients. 

There are times when a patient is not able to pay and may be eligible for financial assistance for required medical services, but optional services, such as cosmetics, will not receive financial assistance. At these times, patients are encouraged to review and complete the financial assistance application included on this website for consideration by CMH. The application will be considered according to the policy of CMH. Please see the detailed information on this page to assist with the application for financial assistance.

Plain Language Summary

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Application