Past DAISY Award Winners

Sally Yungtum (2021)

Sally Yungtum was nominated for a DAISY Award for providing great care, compassion and education after a patient's surgery. In addition, during a follow-up appointment, Sally proactively responded to the patient's spouse, when that individual complained of chest pressure and arm pain. Read more!

Shelly Kruse (2020)

Shelly Kruse once stayed two hours past her 12-hour shift to make a patient more comfortable. Considering commitment like that, there's little reason why she's the latest recipient of The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses® at CMH. Read more!

Richard Bonjour (2019)

Richard was nominated by the spouse of a patient after he remained at her side and provided appropriate support and empathy as her husband passed. Read more!

Shirley Kammeyer (2018)

Shirley was recognized for making her patient feel relaxed and doing everything she could to make them comfortable following a total knee replacement. Read more!

Ann Bock (2017)