Iowa Hospital Heroes

Iowa Hospital Association

The Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) regularly honors outstanding Iowa hospital employees at its annual meeting as "Iowa Hospital Heroes." The program recognizes hospital employees who have performed a heroic act or tirelessly given their time, talent or expertise to better their hospital, patients or community. Ten individual awards are given each year to people at hospitals of every size, both rural and urban, in all parts of the state.

Meet the CMH employees who are past Iowa Hospital Heroes.

Michael Tiedt (2014)

As a nurse manager at CMH, Michael is one of those heroes who is ready to contribute at any time. He does so with no expectation of reward or recognition. In fact, he generously gives of himself, taking time away from his family to make sure patients and their families are well cared for, whether in the hospital, emergency room or in the community. At his rural hospital, Michael is someone who team members call upon when emergencies strike. He has a way of leading his team through difficult times, while building their comfort and confidence throughout the experience.

On one occasion, Michael was on his way to work when he observed a two-vehicle accident. His past work experience from the emergency department, plus his emergency medical services background, kicked in. Immediately, he called 911 and assessed the situation.

One of the drivers was unable to get out of the care and had an apparent head injury. Michael found his way into the car and secured the driver's cervical spine until EMS arrived. He then stayed with the patient while the Sumner Volunteer Fire Department used the "jaws of life" to extricate the patient from the wreck. All this time, Michael provided comfort and explained what was happening to keep the patient calm and build a trusting relationship.

Michael did not leave the patient's side, and he helped load her into the ambulance for transfer to the hospital. When Michael arrived to work, he immediately went to the emergency department to check on her. The patient and family were thankful for his help and quick response at the scene.

Fortunately, Michael's response helped the patient make a full recovery after suffering spinal fractures.  She thinks of Michael as a hero, as do we, even though he would never refer to himself as such.  Michael was indeed a "Good Samaritan.," and CMH is fortunate to be inspired every day by Michael's humble giving and caring nature.

Troy Buchholz (2016)

How do you put into words the impact this hospital hero has had for our rural community and hospital? Troy Buchholz, MD is a family practice physician at CMH, and he's admired for living the hospital mission of giving "the best care where and when you need it".

Dr. Buchholz works in the clinic and hospital by day, and mans the emergency department by night and weekends. He tirelessly gives of his time, talent and expertise to better the organization, patients and community. He has such dedication and commitment, often taking time away from his young family to make sure patients and their families are well cared for.

Dr. Buchholz has built a strong reputation and professional medical practice that continues to grow. He has been a mentor and preceptor for many family practice and mid-level students throughout the years. He loves to teach and gives such encouragement to those to succeed. He can always be counted on when we need support, an he's our go-to when medical questions or crises arise.

Dr. Buchholz has a strong faith, which helps guide him in his day-to-day work. He treats everyone with kindness and respect by following the golden rule. I have heard his patients ask of him, "If this was your mother what would you do?" When he has to deliver a poor prognosis, share about a difficult disease or diagnosis, or help a patient and family through an end-of-life situation, he is seen praying with his patients.

Those who work beside Dr. Buchholz get the pleasure each and every day to witness his amazing character and outstanding care. His dedication to CMH and patients is exemplary. He works hard for our community and patients, giving outstanding care without complaint. Furthermore, he has a strong commitment to providing the best possible care to our patients and living the vision to be the healthcare provider of choice for citizens of Sumner and the surrounding community.

Margaret Fober (2017)

Margaret has devoted much of her career to helping those needing cardiopulmonary care at CMH. Every day she is dedicated to her patients and looks for ways to connect with each person by treating them with courtesy, compassion, empathy and respect. Margaret has made heroism a habit by making moments matter and giving of herself in ways that truly make a difference.

Working in a rural hospital allows Margaret to touch many areas involving patients and their families. Some examples of how she goes above and beyond include:

  • Taking the time to walk outside with a patient
  • Having a meal ready for a patient who was fasting for bloodwork prior to a stress test
  • Arranging for a sleep lab patient to stay to sleep prior to checking in for SDS
  • Saving patients trips to the hospital by scheduling multiple tests on the same day
  • Helping to position a patient for portable chest x-ray
  • Responding to a call after-hours about an emergency patient needing help when not on call
  • Standing up for patient's care when unable to speak for themselves.

Margaret's care does not end when her shift does. On multiple occasions, she has come in on weekends and during her time off to visit with patients. Many times, the bond she creates with people extends beyond discharge. She continues to make special visits to the nursing home to visit patients she has cared for in the past. These examples are not isolated events. This is the care Margaret provides on a daily basis.

Those who work beside Margaret hear her frequently say, "Well, it's what's best for the patient." This is her mantra, her duty and her desire. It's what she strives to be an example of each day. Margaret's passion for providing exceptional care makes her a hero – every single day.